Almuñécar Street Robbery

Calle Derrumbadero

Calle Derrumbadero

At exactly 13.00h today, a resident of Calle Derrumbadero, Almuñécar heard cries of distress in the narrow street outside their house, near the Bonsai Garden in the town centre.

Looking outside they saw a middle-aged man, who clearly had learning difficulties, being attacked by a young, North-African-looking man in a blue hoodie.

The male resident shouted at the attacker and ran towards the commotion, causing the attacker to run off, unfortunately not before he had stolen the victim’s mobile phone. There was another male with the attacker who was a little further up the road, and they both ran off together.

Another local, on his way home from work, who is much younger and fitter than the first resident, also heard the commotion and managed to detain one of the men. Unfortunately, as soon as he started to call the Guardia Civil, the man ran off again. This time making good his escape.

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The Guardia were on the scene quickly, and armed with a description set off to patrol the local streets in search of the offenders.

The victim meanwhile, sustained a minor cut to his hand, but was obviously extremely distressed. The Guardia were kind and very sympathetic towards the victim and ensured that he was not badly injured and made sure he understood how he (with the help of his mother as guardian) could make his complaint.

So, residents of Almuñécar, be aware of these two men, both of North-African appearance, about 18 – 20 years of age,  around 1.80m to 1.90m, very slim build, one in a blue hoody, the other in a tracksuit.

They are obviously just cowardly thugs who prey on the most vulnerable in society, but hopefully they will be detained soon and then with any luck… Off with their plums!

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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