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Nail-Cutter Hold Up

GRA Nailcutter Mugging OnL

Towards the end of last month a man phoned the police in the city of Granada to say that he had just been mugged by a man wielding a nailcutter.

Nice Try

GRA Cuffs arrested

A man accused of mugging pleaded in his defence that the victim had handed over 20 euros because he had been a muy pesao (a pain in the butt).

Looking Back: ATM Mugging

LHR Caja Rural

Much like last month’s article from a decade back, La Herradura was going through a rough patch owing to muggings, flashers and a whole range of unsavoury happenings.

German Tourist Mugged

GRA Albaicin

The Policía Local in the city of Granada arrested a 16-year-old youth for snatching the bag of a German tourist, dragging her along the ground until she had lost grip of it.