Coastal Protection Law Stopped

The Regional Supreme Court has sunk the Junta’s law limiting building on the first 500 metres of the coast; i.e., a 500-metre-wide coastal strip.

The Plan de Protección del Corredor del Litoral, which was passed by the Junta de Andalucía in 2015 effectively stopped the development of virgin land along the coast of Andalucia, which didn’t please many opposition-controlled, coastal towns with plans to increase their urban development, .

On the 7th of September the TSJA sentenced that the law contained ‘formal defects’ after the Town Hall of Barbate (Cádiz) launched an appeal against the law. The formal defect was that the Junta approved the law whilst it was ‘en functiones’ (Government-in-office) and therefore lacked complete legitimacy. (Although the socialists had won the elections, it was with an insufficient majority and negotiations for a workable coalition dragged on – in this lapse, the law was passed).

The Junta now has two option; appeal against the TSJA sentence or simply pass the law again. It’s got 30 days to lodge an appeal, if that is what they decide upon. The trouble is that the law courts are notriously slow, so in the meantime,the coast is partially unprotected.

(News: Andalucia)

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