Face-Palm Time

They say that there are two Spains: the 1930s Victors and the Vanquished, today’s Left and the Right, but the real two Spains are: Funcionarios & Autónomos.

Perhaps the latest development, which highlights this division is the decision of a town hall that has decided to give a bonus payment to civil servants who only carry out 90% of their established work hours.

Put aside, one moment, that public functionaries already get 14 months salaries a year (12 + 2 bonus months) and 30 days holiday, plus all the bank holidays with their attached puentes. Just consider that instead they will not be penalised for skiving off, but will amazingly be rewarded for it.

The private sector is divided between second-class citizens (who work for an employer) and that lowest stratum, the untouchables; self-employed workers. If somebody in the former sector doesn’t work every hour in his contract, then they are fired.

As for Autónomos or Self-Employed workers, you probably end up working seven days a week, mornings, afternoons and evenings. Nobody, ever, pays you for not working. You don’t get paid holidays and sometimes, it’s not a case of getting a pay cut (a luxury), but you actually pay to work, i.e., have to eat into your savings to keep going.

SPN FuncionariosThe said mayor, when quizzed by incredulous reporters about how he could justify paying a bonus for somebody who skives of 10% of his work hours, said that it was legal and was an incentive for functionaries to turn up for work, and stay at work the whole working day.

No doubt, you will have noticed that when you go around to a town hall in search of a clerk, you are often confronted by such explanations for his or her absence, such as, “He’s out having breakfast,” or “She’s not in today; come back tomorrow.”

In the meantime you’re probably wondering how the hell you are going to pay your Social Security this month or your quarterly IVA and IRPF payments… an alien concept to a public functionary.


(News: Spain)

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