Double Tragedy

SPN BabyThe husband of a woman in advanced pregnancy called 112 to say that his wife was having difficulties breathing – within 24 hours of each other both mother and baby were dead.

This incident began in Madrid, Saturday the 1st at 18.00h when the alarmed husband called in – an ambulance was sent immediately to the given address.

When they got there it was to find the mother in cardiac arrest. Whilst trying to revive her they also carried out an emergency caesarean. They baby’s heart wasn’t beating but they finally managed to get it going again.

However, for the mother, despite persisting with efforts to save her, they couldn’t get her pulse back and she was declared dead.

The baby was rushed to Hospital Materno Infantil del Gregorio Marañón but by Sunday afternoon, the baby had also died.

A terrible double blow for the father, who had the hope of saving his child, after losing his wife, dashed.

(News: Madrid)

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