Dutch Drugs Ring

gra-cannabis-plantation-onlPolice swooped and arrested a gang of drugs smugglers – amongst them Dutchmen – who operated by smuggling large shipments of marihuana from Granada to the Netherlands.

According to the police press release, the Policia Nacional arrested 13 suspects, aged between 36 and 60 from Morocco, Spain and the Netherlands, and charged them with drug smuggling and the illegal possession of firearms.

The police operation also netted 160K of processed marihuana, 608 plants, 25,845 euros, a machine gun and equipment for measuring & packaging the drugs, as well as two vehicles.

The police operation started in March when the activities of the drug gang came to their attention, whose members were mainly Nederlanders and Spaniards based in Málaga as well as Granada.

Soon they had information leading them to several addresses and the identity of gang members. The marihuana was grown at several locations around the province of Granada and then sent to Sedella in Málaga in vehicles with false floors for packaging, storage to be sent via road at a later date to the Netherlands.

The first move was against a dwelling in Sedella on the 31st of March and the arrest of the resident whose task it was to look after the stored drugs. On the same day they made two other arrests in Benamádena; two ringleaders.

The next day it was the turn of Granada, where they arrested a total of nine people.

Thanks to all these arrests the police were able to crack two indoor plantations, both in fully a functioning state, as well as two more that were being set up. One of the indoor plantations was in a butcher’s shop in Pinos Puente

Further arrests took place leading to the last phase of the police operation on the 20th of June in Granada where a man whose job it was to move the drugs from Pinos Puente to Sedella. He was caught at a roadblock with the drugs on board.

(News: Sedella/Pinos Puente, Granada/Malaga, Andalucia)

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