Inadequate Summer Medical Coverage

The opposition party in Motril, the PP, claims that it has received complaints from the health-worker unions over the ‘deficient state’ in the public health sector on the Costa Tropical.

According to the party’s spokeswoman (ex-mayor) Luisa Mª García Chamorro, the said unions claim that the sector is on the border of collapse, even before the summer influx begins.

Spokeswoman Garcia pointed out that her party’s spokesperson in the Regional Government had already demanded extra backup for Motril hospital, especially in the casualty department this summer.

Sra. Garcia considers the Junta’s Plan Especial del Verano to be “alarming and bleeding” because, as health workers at the hospital explained, it does not cover the demand for the area, especially because of the 19 temporary work positions needed, only 10 have been taken care of – we talking about substitute health staff to cover the holidays of permanent staff, as well as extra temporary workers to cover the summer work load.

Again, according to Sra. Garcia, instead of bringing in more workers, existing ones have had their duty rosters increased, which she considers will push doctors and nurses to be overworked resulting in dangerous and unsatisfactory situation for the general public.

Editorial note: regardless of the underfunding of the public health system through a ‘lack of funds’ our politicians of all colours won’t be missing out on the salaries, holidays and summer bonus, of cours

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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