Toddler Rescued from Window

Street in Usera Area

Street in Usera Area

The police managed to prevent a tragic accident after they were alerted to the presence of a toddler hanging half out of a 1st-floor window in the area of Madrid known as Usera.

Several neighbours had phoned in to 091 (police) to say that a 4-year-old was leaning dangerously out of a window, so a patrol car was immediately despatched.

They managed to coach the girl away from the window by speaking to her through the front door of the flat. According to a next door neighbour the girl had been crying for over an hour.

According to some sources the girl said that he mother had left her alone, locking her in “a long time ago.”

Firemen were called in to gain access to the flat, whilst the police concentrated in tracking down where the mother was.

Around 03.30h the police found her in a bar. Despite the seriousness of the situation the mother was not willing to collaborate with the police patrol that found her but did say, “I left the girl sleeping around two o’clock.”

Once in the flat the police described the state of the inside as unhygienic and abondoned. The child’s bed was also next to the window.

The child has since been taken into temporary care at the minors centres in the Hortaleza area of the city. Her 29-year-old mother, of Chinese nationality, was arrested for abandoning a minor.

The arrested women admitted that she had another daughter who was being looked after by the child’s grandmother in Palencia.

Finally, when the mother was tracked down that early morning, she had almost 3,500 euros in cash on her. She claimed that it was the alimony payment from the father of the girl, which he had finally paid after a long time in arears.

(News: Madrid)

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