Rest. Buena Vista, Otívar

Bizfoc Rest Buena Vista OnLWould like to talk to you about a nice restaurant in Otivar, which is 14km above Almuñécar on the Suspiro del Moro road to Granada. It’s name is Buena Vista, and it’s aptly named.

Javier and his cousin run this out-of-the-way but truly interesting restaurant between them, after a generational change from the Paco and Marino brothers who ran it before them. The brothers, by the way, took it over from their parents, so the restaurant is of of a buena solera.

Javier, for all his young years, is a great chef who wields an impressive imagination when it comes to presenting dishes.

Let me give you, as an example; the rabo-de-buey dish that I ate there.

Most of us have tried this dish and a great deal of the time you have more cartilage and bone on your plate than meat – this is not so with the veritably scrumptious rabo-de-buey that I had the joy to be confronted with.

I won’t tell you anymore about this dish – you try it and decide for yourselves.

This is a restaurant up in the mountains and tastes of the mountain.

They have a large BBQ’ing arrangement where they can marry the taste of meat and wood smoke, giving it that mouthwatering blend of prime cuts with an earthy smoked taste.

Views? Excellent, perched as it is looking down into the Río Lentegí valley with the Almijaras dominating the background to the left. Parking? more than adequate. Price? cheap compared to the quality. Service? Excellent!

Go for it!

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