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Gaz online new logoThe paper edition for May will have radical changes within, both in content and layout. So, why the change?

People living within the distribution area are also reading the online version, and as both contents are basically the same, some readers don’t see the sense in picking one up.

The same goes for the PDF downloads on this website; why down load if you’ve been reading the news during the month?

The answer is simple: the online will continue to provide up-to-date local news coverage while the paper edition will have a token news content with an invitation to access the online site for the full news content, but will mainly be full of features, photography and social agendas.

Furthermore, the PDF download will be of a greater quality – we have size-restrictions on uploads and downloads on the site, which is the reason why it has been kept to around 7.5 MB, but we shall increase the weight to give better resolution.

Well, so there you go; the Seaside Gazette will revamp itself again, as we did when we went full colour in 2010.

We would appreciate any input, of course, either via email, Facebook or any online means, or by stopping us in the street and letting ups know what you think.

The Seaside Gazette Team

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