Mother Prostitutes Daughter

AND Paseo Maritimo AlmeriaA Russian mother, who allegedly prostituted her 13-year-old daughter in exchange for 15 euros, alcohol or cigarettes, has been arrested.

The woman, who is residing in the province of Almería, was detained on Wednesday the 8th of February and then released on bail. Both the teenage girl and her 9-year-old brother have been taken into care.

Furthermore, a 59-year-old man who has previous convictions for sexually abusing minors, was also arrested for having sex with a minor.

The police operation that culminated in the arrests, started around mid January thanks to a tip-off from a concerned neighbour who had become suspicious after witnessing a man repeatedly entering and leaving the home accompanied by the minor.

The police began watching the home and soon found that the two children spent most of the day alone, without any parental supervision, wandering the streets, and in the case of the girl, entering buildings accompanied by adult men.

They also discovered that the 30-year-old mother, with serious alcoholism problems, was offering her daughter to men along the main seafront paseo. One of the most frequent ‘clients’ was this 59-year-old Spanish man.

When the police moved in to arrest the man, it was done in his own house with the girl inside.

The operation also turned up a 32-year-old hostel owner who employed the girl to clean his establishment for five euros an hour, because he knew that she was short of money and would accept so little. He was arrested for the illegal employment of minors.

(News: Almeria)

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