Architectonic Barriers Removed

mot-arquetectonic-barriers-onlWhen not accompanying Junta representatives on the 17th, Councillor Gloria Chica was busy having her photo taken whilst she benignly inspected road works.

The work in question was on Calle Camino de las Cañas, near the Comedor Social Jesús Abandonado, where architectonic barriers were being eliminated. In case you’re wondering what ‘architectonic barriers’ are, it means pavement design that could prove to be an obstacle for disabled pedestrians, such as curbstones that are too high for a wheelchair or somebody on crutches.

El Camino de Las Cañas is one of the busiest and most important streets in Motril. The curbs were too high owing to the slope on which the street runs, making it very difficult for pedestrians with mobility problems,” she explained. She also pointed out that a new zebra crossing had been added near the crossroads.

The maintenance crews were also busy at the time, taking down the summer awnings that provided relief from the sun. These awnings had been installed along the pedestrianised central streets and the Plaza de las Palmeras.

In order to do this, certain streets had to be closed off, which was the case with calle Marqués de Vistabella, for example.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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