Beach Buildings Battle

lhr-windsurf-building-onlA provincial representative for the Junta says that the Regional Government has no other option other than to deny the three affected businesses their licences.

As explained in two previous articles on the subject, the Junta has refused to renew the licences of three businesses who have buildings on beaches; Windsurf La Herraradura, Windsurf Playa Velilla and Deportivas Dani; the latter two in Almuñécar and the former in La Herradura.

This decision is all the more controversial because all the chiringuitos have been permitted to continue where they stand, after carrying out certain structural changes. Many of these chiringuitos have been around a far shorter time than the three affected businesses by this latest Junta decision.

The said provincial delegate, Inmaculada Oria, explained that the Junta has ‘no wriggle room’ to manoeuvre around the problem, meaning that the businesses will have to move if they wish to continue existing; i.e., to either of the two ends of the beach – an impossibility in the case of Windsurf La Herradura, as both ends of the bay are already occupied by chiringuitos.

Sra. Oria wants to make it clear that the Junta, “the wicked witch in this story” does not want to put these families out of business. “From the very beginning” the Junta has been warning the three businesses that the Ley de Costas has the administration’s hands tied and that they will have to demolish their buildings.

She went on to say that the Junta even went so far as to offer the option of moving their businesses.

“They knew that they would have to go; not because the Junta says so, but because the law says so; a law that we have to apply,” she said.

She went on to say that those affected had the option of taking a 10-year extension to their existing licences in order to demolish and move to new locations but this was rejected by them.
However, the period in which this option could have been taken has expired so that the affected businesses have to apply for a new licence from scratch, she said. In other words, the businesses have lost their advantage of being established entities and will be treated like any other new business wishing to set up shop.

But this situation has moved on from being a purely administrative one to a judicial one because Windsurf La Herradura, Windsurf Playa Velilla and Deportivas Dani are taking the matter to court, backed by the Asociación de Chiringuitos de la Costa Tropical and the Almuñécar Town Hall, so all is not lost for them.

Lastly, the businesses and the chiringuito association point out that these nautical-activity businesses are not simply hanging on to their present locations for the hell of it, but that the extremities of the said beaches are not suitable for such activities as they are dangerous launching points.

(News: Almunecar/Herrdaura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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