July’s Feature Articles

Gaz online logoReaders of both the online and print versions will have seen that we have started putting up the previous month’s feature articles, such as the medical, computer and Nordic ones, for example.

For about a year now we have not been posting our monthly feature articles that appear in the paper edition so that if somebody living within the distribution area also follows the online version, they will still find something to read in the printed version that they haven’t read during the month.

However this action means that our online readers who can’t pick up a copy because they live outside Spain or even just out of our local area are denied these very good feature articles. It also means that their authors’ friends living abroad don’t get to see them either.

So, the best way around it is not to publish the articles online until the following month, thus giving the locals something new in the paper edition to read, but at the same time providing our online readers with something extra.

The Gazette Team

(News/House News)

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