French Hit & Run Incident

SPN A Gandia CrossroadsSeveral Frenchmen have been arrested, accused of running over and killing 63-year-old Francisco Adrover whilst racing in two cars in Gandia, Valencia.

The victim had set out early in the morning, August the 27th, to go fishing in Gandia when his motorbike was smashed into by one of the driver’s cars as they sped the wrong way along a one-way street.

Two of the young men were arrested soon after the incident and the third was arrested at the airport, trying to flee the country. The two French drivers both gave positive readings when breathalysed.

The collision occurred on the crossroads between L’Avinguda del Grau and Calle San Juan de Ribera around 6.30h.

It appears that one of the cars jumped the lights during a neck-and-neck race with a companion.

The victim was treated on the spot before being rushed to the area hospital Francesc de Borja in Gandia. According to medical staff the victim arrived with multiple injuries, all of them serious, and despite emergency treatment, he died soon after arrival.

Both the car that was involved in the collision, as well as the one driven by a friend, were abandoned at scene of the accident and all occupants escaped on foot. Both cars had French plates.

Within hours, the Policía Local had arrested one of the drivers and the Policia Nacional the other. During the booking process at the police station both men were found to have their corresponding car keys in their pockets.

The third person involved was arrested that same afternoon at the Aeropuerto de Manises as he waited to board a flight to France.

All three men were charged with failing to give assistance at the scene of an accident. The driver of the car that collided with the victim could also be charged with manslaughter.

(News: Gandia, Valencia)

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