Explosives in Los Guájares

Guajares town hallIt’s good to have nice neighbours but even some nice neighbours have nasty things hidden at home… like explosives, for example.

This is the case of a townhouse in the peacefulness of Los Guájares; there are three neighbouring villages with that name so we’re talking about Guájar Faragüit.

So, there were the villagers – both of them – whiling away the sun-smitten hours in the valley when the TEDAX (bomb-disposal squad) screeched to a halt outside one of the houses in Plaza de Andalucía: inside there were aging explosives.

According to the Mayor, it was the cleaning lady who had discovered a suspicious box in a holiday-rental house, so she contacted the Guardia Civil, who sent in their specialized unit, the TEDAX.

The first thing that the TEDAX did was to evacuate and cordon off the area – they then examined the box. Inside were sticks of dynamite, which were either from the Civil War 80 years ago or from a quarry, but in either case, they were ‘unhealthily’ old.

The explosives were gingerly transferred to the nearest quarry – there’s one about ten kilometres from the villages – where they will soon be destroyed, if they haven’t been already.

How did they get to be in the house and where did they come from? At present nobody knows but happily there are still three villages in the Guájares and not two and a half. The photo, by the way, is of the Town Hall.

(News: Los Guajares, Granada, Andalucia)

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