The Rocky Rebellion

A 70-year-old man was mauled to death by his own dog, which is probably indicative of a serious lack of empathy between them.

The Belgian Shepherd dog, Rocky, decided that enough was enough and set upon Juan Sánchez, his hitherto owner, and through a battery of bites killed the retired welder, widower and grandfather of two.

Now, Rocky had been his faithful mutt for 15 years and the guardian of the man’s small orchard where he cultivated lemon trees. The two of them got on well with the owner religiously taking the large dog for his walks.

However, the relationship between the man and dog was not always ‘cordial’ and Juan had had his run ins with the rather large dog. In fact, Juan still sported a scar from a previous run in with the dog’s dental arrangement.

Well, then at 20.35h on the Friday the 13th – the date was a bit of a giveaway in retrospect – the emergency number 112 received a call about a tragic event unfolding on the Pente del Reguerón road in Beniaján (Murcia); an elderly man was lying on the ground after having been repeatedly bitten by a dog and was bleeding profusely.

A employee of Juan, Abu from Senegal later explained how had begun to hear Juan shouting the dog’s name but had thought nothing of it but then the shouting had turned into a cry for help.

Abu had found the dog standing over the man on the ground and occasionally biting him – there was blood all over the place, which was when Abu phoned 112.

Trouble was that the dog had gone for the throat so although an ambulance crew was soon there, the paramedic could only certify the man’s death.

The police turned up and used several shots to subdue the dog, which was still on adrenaline overdrive – the dog was still alive when they took it away.

(News: Beniajan, Murcia)

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