Kid Killing Dogs

A couple of dogs got into a goat farm in Los Tablones (Motril) and massacred 147 kids. A slaughter house, no less. We should point out that when we say “kids” we’re referring to young goats not children.

When the owner, Antonio Molne, and his mother arrived Friday morning it was to find literally 50 metres of dead baby goats, from one side of the shed to the other, the whole length of it.
Also inside were two large bloodhounds, which had killed them for the pleasure of doing so because not one of the dead animals had even been partially eaten.

Unfortunately, its not the first time that they have had ‘dog trouble’ but on both occasions it has been the same culprits – two dogs that have been causing problems in general in the area.

On this occasion the two ‘raiders’ also attacked the owner’s dog, Lola, when she tried to defend the shed.

When Antonio found the dogs, they were covered in blood and nervous because they couldn’t find the same hole in the side of the shed that they had used to get in.

Later Antonio had gone over to confront the owner of the two dogs, but he only admitted to being the owner of one of them and that he would pay 50% of the damage caused – but that was before he accompanied Antonio back and saw for himself the shambles, which is when he said that he couldn’t pay.

Were talking about 80 euros a piece, working out around 10,000 and 12,000 euros – Antonio lost his entire output for the year.

So they’re back to square one: the mothers are milk producing until April or May when they will be ready again to breed. After that, there another six months of raising the next flock.

(News: Los Tablones, Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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