Fireball Lands in Cordoba

AND FireballA meteorite impacted within the province of Cordobá after streaking across the sky as a fireball – that’s the fourth in the last few days that has landed on the Iberian Peninsular.

This latest one, which weighed 400 kilos and was travelling at 60,000 kph when it entered the Earth’s atmosphere, was five times brighter than the moon.

The meteorite was tracked by the astronomic observatory, La Hita (Toledo) and recorded as entering the upper atmosphere at 02.32h on Wednesday morning and its size and speed were calculated by a university in Huelva, which also has an observatory and had tracked it.

Of its 400 kilos in mass when it hit the atmosphere, only a 1-kilo rock actually hit the ground – even though, it would make a mess of your car if it landed on it.

(News: Cordoba, Andalucia)

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