Pigs and Piglets

AND Piglet Crushing OnLTwo young men are being investigated by the Guardia Civil over a case of cruelty to animals; i.e., crushing 72 piglets to death for fun.

The incident, which took place on the 7th of January, came to light after the accused, 19-year-old D.A.A. and 22-year-old M.R. allegedly put a video online via WhatsApp, showing them rolling on top of the piglets, crushing them, at a pig farm in Huércal-Overa (Almería) where they worked.

According to Seprona (a Guardia Civil section) the two men took advantage of the fact that the animals were in a corridor like pen with both ends closed so that they had no escape.

The police say that whilst one of them recorded what was happening on his phone camera, the other jumped from the fence onto the crowded animals below, repeating the ‘manoeuvre’ up to three times.

Nineteen of the animals died in the act whilst the other 53 succumbed to their injuries soon afterwards.

Being idiots – no allegedly needed here – they posted their exploits on the Net and within a few days somebody had showed it to the pig-farm owner, who immediately reported it to the police.

There really is no point in attaching an editorial comment to this article.

(News: Huércal-Overa, Almería, Andalucia)

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