British Fugitive Arrested

PON Michael Roden OnLCrimestoppers, together with the British National Crime Agency launched a campaign back in July along the Costa del Sol, which was very effective!

The campaign consisted of pasting that area of the coast with the faces of ten villains on the run, or better said, screening their faces, as a large van with a luminous screen has been touring the Costa del Crime from Nerja down to Torremolinos, forcing some of our most dishonest compatriots to break cover.. and end up in the tender arm of the law.

Anyway, the system has crossed the provincial border into Granada because somebody had the bright idea of trucking the snitch-screen up to Alomartes, over in the western half of the province of near Illora.

The result was that in the early hours of yesterday the Guardia Civil arrested one Michael Roden – one of the tricky ten.

Michael Roden, 25 is wanted by West Midlands police on suspicion of conspiracy to import cannabis. Roden, who has the nickname ‘Dodge’, is allegedly a member of an organised crime group. Following his arrest, trial and court sentence to three years’ imprisonment in 2010, he was let out on early release in 2011 but he broke his probation terms and left for sunnier climes.

Despite Roden’s child-like photo, he is 182-cm tall and won’t be invited to the Queen’s garden parties any time soon. Then again, this NCA-site photo of Mr Roden could be a bit dated?

(News: Alomartes, Illora, Poniente de Granada, Andalucia)

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