The Across-The-Bay Swim

LHR Across the bay swimThis Sunday the 30th sees the across-the-bay swimming competition in La Herradura; The XXVI Travesía a Nado de la Bahía herradureña.

As this year’s event title indicates, this is the 26th year that the competition has been held, which in itself is part of a provincial-level competition, also held in Motril and Salobreña.

The competition is divided into five categories, with the lower limit on age being 8-year olds. You can be as old as you want, as long as you still float.

As for the route, the children’s one is 400 metres long, starting near the Barranquillo, next to Dani’s, with the finishing line at La Caleta; i.e. next to Chambao de Joaquín.

Minors (-18) must also present written permission from their parents.

To put your name down, it will cost you eight euros and you do it by visiting The good news is that for local swimmers, it’s free.

The maximum duration of the swim is two hours; all those that have not reached the finishing line by then will be depth charged… just joking! Nah, they will be fished out by the competition boats.

The prize money? Come on, who are you kidding – you know that you will end up being fished out by one of the boats…

(News: Herradura Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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