Shopping Night Blackout

ALM black out OnLAfter a warning from the Mayor of Almuñécar that there should be no blackouts like last year and a promise from Endesa that there wouldn’t be… there was, on the 8th.

Almuñécar was holding its first Shopping Night of August and the central streets were alive with shoppers when the town centre was thrown into darkness for an hour.

Nobody could believe it: it was 22.45h and the power didn’t come back on until after midnight… and the anger and bitterness from shoppers and shopkeepers, from residents and visitors, was expressed up and down the darkened streets.

The Mayor immediately demanded and explanation from Endesa/Sevillana, but this utility company is still not able tooffer an excuse/reason for the blackout, precisely in the peak hour of the scheduled Shopping Night.

Things don’t bode well for the big night, the 15th of August, when the town has the maximum power consumption owing to the huge influx of people.

It was only on the 4th of August that the Endesa/Sevillana Area Head for the Eastern-Andalucia had sat in front of the Mayor and assured her that what happened last year was a one-off problem and was not due to infrastructure deficiencies. He also promised to have all the lines and installations double checked before the Almuñécar big week came around.

And now this…

We spoke with husband and wife, Conchi & Paco who run two shops on Calle Real, La Colmena and Made in Spain: “Everybody was pretty annoyed and spoke about possibly suing the electricity company. Some shopkeepers thought of closing for the night but in the end just about all the shops remained open and continued business when the power came back,” explained Paco, adding, “The shoppers themselves were very understanding and supportive, taking it all in good spirits.”

I asked them how the Shopping Nights were going and they said that they were quite a success in general and are looking forward to the next scheduled one after the 20th.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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