Naval Mine Detonated

SPN Denia Mine DetonatedBathers on La playa de la Marineta Cassiana in Dénia had a huge surprise when naval demolition experts detonated WW2 mine on the seabed.

The resulting explosion shot a column of water 20 metres into the air.

Nobody had told the bathers what was going to happen – police just asked them to stay out of the water – then at 19.15h, 300 metres off the beach the mine was detonated – no doubt more than a few swimming costumes needed to be rinsed out afterwards.

Spanish Navy divers had been brought down from the the naval base in Cartagena to prepare the mine, which was only at 2.5 metres depth and completely covered in weed and other marine growth, for detonation.

In the meantime a Guardia Civil patrol boat kept the bathers away.

Another precaution taken was to use ultrasound devices to keep marine life away.

(News: Denia, Alicante Spain)

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