Almuñécar Wax Clean Up

ALM Wax Clean Up OnLThe Environmental Department of the Almuñécar Town Hall has stepped up its efforts to remove the candle wax strewn on streets and roads.

Councillor Luis Aragón said, “Despite cleaning up from the beginning of the processional period, there is still a lot of wax on the roads. We estimate that the work will carry on several days; even more than a week.”

The first public ways tackled were the steep pedestrian streets: Barrio del Castillo de San Miguel, Cuesta de la Antigua and Carmen. They clean-up crews then moved onto streets with traffic.

The Town Hall asks drivers and pedestrians to proceed with “extreme caution” until the process is concluded.

Editorial comment… No comment… Bugger, yes there is! How much is this clean up costing? Who is having to pay for it? Certainly not the procession brotherhoods.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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