Another Drugs Bust in Salobreña

SAL Distance shotThe Policía Nacional deployed a sizable police operation in Salobreña, centred around the Hogar del Pensionista and the Town Hall.

These two points woke up to this police presence, which resulted in several arrests, although the amount of drugs seized or the charges levied are not known.

But these two spots were not the only ones – just the main ones – because housing near El Molino up in the old town also was targeted, as were the council houses lower down, near the Guardia Civil post (la Pontanilla).

The reason that there is still not a lot of information on the operation is because it is ongoing. Once it is concluded, the Policía Nacional will have to hand their findings over to a judge, who will probably place a gagging order.

Update: So far six people have been arrested, two of whom are women, and several homes searched. An undetermined number of marijuana plants were confiscated in one of them.

However, the operation remains ongoing and arrest figures could increase.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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