Rain, Rain, Rain!

LHR Municipal Kindergarten OnLAnd about time, too, but not without its inconveniences and political bickering, of course.

Without counting what has been falling today, which has been at a very leisurely pace, yesterday yielded 36 litres per sq/m during the previous night followed by another seven litres per sq/m by 14.00h – it was wet but nothing to write home about.

La Herradura was slightly ‘wetter’ with 35L sq/m, most of which (23 litres) fell during the cloud burst.

However, politicians don’t need a lot to get indignant over and berate their counterparts, bless them, which is why the Candidate for Mayor for the PSOE, Sergio García Alabarce, voiced his concern over the safety of the village’s children at the Municipal Kindergarten; water worked its way in and caused a part of the false ceiling to fall in, leaving the facilities waterlogged.

In fact, some false-ceiling tiles came down over a play area with the children inside, although none were hurt.

“There was so much water,” he said, ” that part of the pavement outside the emergency exit had to be dug up to let it out.”

The said candidate demanded explanations from the Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, concerning the alleged deficient maintenance work.

“It’s an old building,” Sr. García Alabarce said, “which has hardly ever been painted or repaired in recent years.”

Not only an explanation was called for, he considered, but also a public apology over the ‘risk situation.’ The children, he said, should be transferred to a different municipal building that is “dignified, safe and accessible;” i.e., the Civic Centre.

Well, First Councillor for the village, Juan José Ruiz Joya, wasn’t particularly happy over that broadside, so much so that he described Sr García’s words and attitude as “vomit provoking.”

Anyway, more on this episode tomorrow… when the rain stops

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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