Fire Destroys University Library

Law Library Fire in Granada

Law Library Fire in Granada

A fire in one of the libraries belonging to the Law Faculty of the University of Granada destroyed 70% of the books. The fire also destroyed an 18th Century wooden door.
In fact, there were actually two fires in the space of hours; the first was at 21.00h, which was extinguished, then at 04.00h, seven hours later. The initial fire is believed to have been caused by a spark by repair work being carried out on the roof of the building, possibly from a radial saw.

The Fire Chief, Jesús Cabrera, pointed out that the second blaze was even bigger than the first. The only person in this 16th Century, protected, building when the second fire broke out was a private security guard.

Curiously, after the first fire was put out the firemen advised the security guard to carry out inspections every ten or 20 minutes to make sure that it didn’t spring back to life. He assured them that he had done this but that the fire roared back into life during one of those intervals between rounds.

The good news is that none of the books of historic value were in the library, as they had all been removed once the building work began, which was in late April. In other words, all the destroyed books can be easily replaced.

The Law Faculty has 94,081 books in its possession – a few less now, of course, but still plenty.

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)

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