Mountain Fire near Granada

mountain fire in cenes de la vega, granadaOne my way to Granada, with the city in sight, I could see to the right of the autovia an immense cloud of smoke – mountain woodlands were in flames.

The fire broke out around 16.00h, according to Infoca, and first reports were that it began at two separate points in the municipality of Cenes de la Vega, forcing fire-fighting units to close the main road (A-395) to facilitate their own tasks.

They had their work cut out for them as the flames advanced northwards, heading for the El Purche near the border with the Sierra Nevada National Park. Infoca units were already stationed there to try and keep it out of the park.

By 18.00h, the fire was advancing along the Camino de los Neveros, crossing into the municipality of Monachil, consuming large areas of brush which fueled its advance.

montain fire in cenes de la vega, granadaA total of 15 aircraft are involved in the operation to fight the flames, four of which are the large Canair, twin-engine water bombers. Land units include 142 firefighters and eight, all-terrain fire trucks. These infoca units are working in conjunction with personnel for the city fire department, Sur.

Obviously, all of these units are coordinating with the Guardia Civil, the Regional Police and Policia Local.

(News: Cenes de la Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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