Unexploded Artillery Shell in Lujar

unexploded shell in the sierra de lujarThe Spanish Civil War concluded 75 years ago but every once in a while somebody finds an unexploded bomb or shell. This time it was in the Sierra de Lujar, above Gualchos.

Earth moving machinery had been clearing vegetation near the military base (EVA-9 radar station) on top of the mountain when the blade of the digger clanked against something metallic. The driver got down to see what it was and had a nasty surprise upon seeing a half-a-metre-long artillery shell resting against the blade (shovel unit)…

After retrieving his jaw from the ground, he immediately used his mobile to phone the Guardia Civil, who sent their bomb disposal unit (Edex) to the scene.

The shell packed a 3-kilo charge of 75-year-old explosives and an intact fuse…

The artifact was gingerly removed and taken to a safe site and detonated.

These ‘finds’ occur with a greater frequency than you would credit because so far this year there have been 24 incidents in Granada and in Jaén another 23 – all Spanish Civil War ammunition.

(News: Lujar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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