Cause of Rum Factory Fire

MOT Rum Factory OnLForensic specialists from the Motril fire service believe that the explosion was caused by a 150-watt lamp.

The explosion occurred as the transfer of alcohol from the metal vats to the wooden barrels had almost been completed – there was a problem with the last metal vat.

One of the side inspection panels, about the size of a pressure-cooker lid, had fallen into the vat. When it was almost empty – apparently – one of the workers used the lamp to try and see inside to recover it, which, it is believed, caused the fumes to ignite.

This is not one hundred percent certain – it is merely the most likely cause, after investigating,  gathering forensic evidence and statements.

Thanks to the uralite roofing, the blast went out through the roof – had it been a more solid roof, the damage would have been much worse inside.

The two workers injured by the blast, Miguel Lorenzo and Manuel García, with 35% and 45% burns, continue to recover in the special burns unit of the main Sevilla hospital.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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