Pensioners’ Homes vs. Fire Station

ALM Old Medical Centre OnLThe Almuñécar PA opposition party and the PP governing party are at loggerheads over whether the old medical centre site should be for an old-persons’ day centre or a fire station. For those that don’t remember the old medical centre, it is on the main-entrance roundabout.

We ran an article LINK on the 21st of June on the new fire station but the PA has since pointed out that there was a project for an O.P’s day centre for that very plot, which was approved by a Benavides administration in November 2009 with the votes in favour of the now-ruling party, the PP.

The PA also points out that the building plot is cataloged for medical-administrative use and not for a fire station.

Almuñécar does have a pensioners’ complex next to the bus station with self-contained flats, a swimming pool and a cafeteria.

Vice-Mayor, Juan José Ruiz Joya has stated that at the next Plenary Meeting of the Town Council they will put forward that part of the plot could be used for its original purpose, but that this land should be ceded to the Junta for them to bring it about.

The question is, what is more important: an old persons’ day centre or a fire station?

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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