Exhibition: Experimental Textile Art

ALM Fine ThreadTen days of cloth, fabrics and plenty of fun ideas put on by the Hilo Fino (Fine Thread) Association, from the 10th to the 20th of April at the Casa de la Cultura, Almuñécar, with viewing hours of 11.00h to 13.00h & 17.00h to 21.00h

Opening Ceremony: Saturday 12th of April

20.00h: Balls of Yarn. Bring your own and participate
Curator: Ghislaine Bellocq

21.00h: Fashion Show
Curator: Maria Lucena, Jean Defrancisco

Esparto: Monica Morcillo
Recycling Textiles: Beatriz Constan
Artisanal Paper: Annabel Keatley
Plants and Wool: Rachel Wolstenhome
Felt Making: Maria Lucena

More info: www.asociaciontextilhilandofino.blogspot.com

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