What a Blunder!

AND Scraped Lamborghini OnLDo you think you could mistake a roadworthy Lamborghini 140 Gallardo Coupé for urban rubbish? Well one town hall did – read on…

The car had cost its owner 150,000 euros… and that was the second-hand price, but you could add another 30,000 euros to that price if you had bought it new in 2010, which was when he acquired it.

So, how did the Granada City Hall get its disastrous hands on this chaps Lamborghini? The Policía Local had arrested the owner when he was at the wheel. They had taken charge of the vehicle to hand it over to the municipal car compound, pending the judge’s decision.

We don’t know why he was arrested but one year later he requested its return and the law court agreed. Accordingly, a legal representative of the owner was sent around to the compound to pick it up… but it wasn’t there. “No”, they said, “there’s no yellow Lamborghini here nor one of any other colour.” To say that the owner was dismayed to hear this is a wicked understatement.

So he went back to the law court and asked them to investigate where his ‘wheels’ were. The judge told the Policía Local to find out what had happened to it, but when the answer to the riddle was found neither the judge or the owner could believe their ears: it had been sold off to a scrap-dealer as ‘urban rubbish.’ Put another way, they had thrown it away with the rubbish..

When the owner finally laid eyes on it again it was heartbreaking: the wheels were missing and most of the engine. *Sob!*

Faster than a speeding Lamborghini the bereft owner sued the City Hall for 91,976 euros – however, Spanish justice moves at the speed of an striking sloth so he had to wait three years for a court sentence: 76,733 euros, plus interest, which the City Hall has accepted.

The judge considered, for instance, that it was not reasonable for the owner to suppose that when the City Hall warned that it would end up as scrap that it actually would, given the high value of the vehicle. The judge also rejected the City Hall’s offer to have it “fixed up” as the car had already been sold to a third party in good faith; i.e., it’s not the scrap yard’s fault the City Hall slipped up (horribly).

The City Council – thanks to the governing party’s absolute majority (PP) – will have no problem approving the order to cough up.

On a closing note – and to put things into perspective – if the actual culprit were ordered to pay back 100 per month from his salary until the debt is cleared, it would take him 64 years. Instead, Granada taxpayers will be footing the bill.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada – Photo: taken by the victim/owner)

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