Policemen Charged with Violence without Motive

AND Plaza Nueva OnLThe Provincial Public Prosecutor has recommended a 3-year prison sentence and a fine of 1,200 euros for two municipal policeman in Granada.

The Public Prosecutor considers that they attacked a father and his son “without any motive whatsoever that justifies their behaviour.”

The two policemen, J.E.F.M. and J.A.S.T., if found guilty, will also be barred from their profession for a period of time equal to their jail sentence. The trial will take place on the 11th and 12th of this month.

The incident occurred at 04.20h on the 24th of February 2008 when the two police officers whilst on duty entered the Plaza de la Sillería in the city of Granada. They were fully uniformed as they were answering a call concerning a heated argument between several people there.

Once there, “without any motive whatsoever that justifies their behaviour,” they began hitting a 49-year-old man and his two sons, aged 23 and 22 at the time, for allegedly participating in the dispute. As the two police “did not let up” on their aggression against the three men, they took refuge in a nearby cafeteria in Plaza Nueva.

Despite this, the two policeman continued to berate them from outside, with one of them launching a kick against the door (which did not produced any damage).

Both men had cuts on their heads and bruises to the small of their lower backs and stomachs.

(News: Metropolitan area, Granada, Andalucia)

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