Decapitation Dulce

WLD Severed Head Cake 1WLD Severed Head Cake 2More and more couples are looking for something different for their big day… some get married in unusual places, whilst skydiving or scuba diving for example, others might wear very unusual outfits, but a couple from Texas, USA, decided it would be the cake that would make their special day stand out… and boy did it stand out!

As Halloween was approaching and the bride just happened to be the owner of a bakery in Austin, Texas, called Sideserf Cake Studio, who are specialists in ‘cake crafting’, she decided to go all-out to produce a wedding cake for her day, never to be forgotten.

So it was that the guests were greeted at the reception by a cake which depicted the bride and grooms’ heads, severed and discarded on a floor, complete with a plentiful amount of spilled blood and a red ribbon bearing the legend ‘Til Death Do Us Part‘.

The bride, Natalie, said, “I like sculpting humans, it was perfect for us. Also, we didn’t tell anybody about it, so it was really interesting to see people’s reactions”, she explained to ABC News in the US. “Everybody was shocked but loved it.”

Natalie’s grandmother was the only person who was a little bit unsure, but even she agreed that the skill and craftsmanship was extraordinary to produce such realistic figures. Allegedly the cake was not only a brilliant likeness of the couple, but was also delicious.

Let’s hope the cake isn’t a predictive work about any future divorce proceedings.

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