Blue Zone Changes in Motril

MOT El VadilloCalle Martín Cuevas and El Vadillo industrial Estate will be removed from the blue zoning areas.

Of course, where the Town Council loses revenue in those areas, they will be recuperating their losses elsewhere where blue zoning will be increased.

The Councillor for Mobility at the Motril Town Hall, Manuel Ballesteros, made this announcement in response to the accusation launched by the CA opposition party, claiming that the Town Council had increased blue zoning in the town by 200 parking spaces.

Ballesteros denies this, claiming instead that the blue zones had been ‘restructured,’ eliminating blue zoning parking spaces in the before-mentioned streets replacing them with ones outside public buildings, places of interest and commercial areas “to favour rotation.’

Furthermore, claimed the councillor, the changes had been carried out by recommendation of the Plan de Movilidad, which was drawn up by the Junta de Andalucía, which in itself was drawn up following recommendations from Smartcities – haven’t a bloody clue what that is, but never mind.

“It is a demonstration of contradiction from the Convergencia Andaluza as they voted in favour of Motril adhering to the recommendations of Smartcities yet they now criticise moves that are contained within ‘plan of actions.,’ said Councillor Ballesteros.

Well, whilst the politicians throw custard pies at each other with mutual accusations, motorists in Motril will now find that they will have to pay blue-zone fees where they previously didn’t have to. Mind you, lifting blue zoning in the industrial estate is a good move.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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