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Chico Gets His Revenge

By Hugh MacArthur

You might remember an article that we ran on a dog called Chico, a border collie, whose body appeared in February 2017 in Montefrío, inside a sack. »

Excursion: Montefrío

By Martin Myall

According to National Geographic (2015) Montefrío is in the top ten of the best views in the world, which is not to be sniffed at! »

Chico The Border Collie

By Martin Myall

It was on the 10th of February, 2017 that Chico, (a Border Collie) strayed onto a neighbour's land in Monachil and was shot by the owner. »

American Woman Climber Rescued

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil, mountain-rescue team (Sereim) was busy on the last Sunday of the year and amongst their 'clients' was an female American climber. »

Montefrío Safari Lunch

By Vivienne Hughes

The foreign residents of Montefrío held their Safari Lunch for the third year running on Sunday the 13th, starting in the early afternoon. »

The Cortijo Grub Stops in Montefrío

By Vanessa Bosch

A British club up in Montefrio, (Poniente de Granada) raised and handed over 1,000 euros to the Asociación de Minusvalidos de Montefrío. Half of that money also went to the local elderly-persons home, San Antonio. »

Montefrio vs. The Burglars

By Vanessa Bosch

Montefrio in the Poniente of Granada is undergoing a plague of break-ins and everyone has just about had enough - they want justice and they want it now. »

Conservative Councillor Resigns

By Vanessa Bosch

PP Councillor, Miguel Ángel Anguita, at the Montefrio Town Hall has resigned as a measure of protest against his own party in the Central Government. »

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