Road Rage Tragedy

Remaining the US now, and this is the point in the month where I say, “only in America.” This time the story involves a simple case of road rage… but road rage that went tragically wrong.

It started, according to police, when two drivers became involved in an incident of tailgating, in the town of Ionia, in Michigan. Both drivers then pulled off the road into the car park of a local car wash business, then got out of their vehicles to confront each other. Unfortunately, when they did this, they did so carrying guns. Witnesses at the scene said that the tailgating driver fired the first shots, upon which, the other driver returned fire.

You can probably guess where this is going… the two men, both local to Ionia, James Pullam, 43 and Robert Taylor, 56 sustained serious gunshot injuries. They were treated at the scene by ambulance crews, then taken the local hospital, where both men were pronounced dead.

Being Michigan, if you are over 21, you can take a very basic gun safety class and as long as you have no mental health issues or convictions, you can get a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Had it been a different state, they would have been required to keep the weapons locked away in the vehicle in storage cases in the boot of the vehicle.

Our Publisher had a conversation with some Americans about this incident… they couldn’t understand what we found shocking about something that was nothing more than a “driving road rage incident.”

Oh well…

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