Dead Dolphin on Dead Man’s Beach

A dead dolphin was washed up on Almuñécar’s Playa del Muerto (Deadman’s Beach) yesterday afternoon, Wednesday the 25th September.

Municipal inspectors from the Department of the Environment attended with the company in charge of town cleaning, in order to remove the carcass. According to the inspectors it was an adult animal, nearly two metres in length and had been dead only a few hours. The dolphin had received a blow to the cheek, which could have been the cause of death, but then again there obviously hasn’t been an autopsy to examine its internal organs.

Carlos Ferrón from the said department explained that this was far from an isolated incident, as several specimens have been found during the month of September, but still the cause is not known.

Editorial note: Nato is carrying out naval manoeuvres in the Mediterranean, hence the RN ships visiting Gibraltar at the beginning of the month… You don’t have to be Sherlock on this one.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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