Baby Killed on Luggage Conveyor Belt

Tragedy struck at Aeropuerto L’Altet in Alicante when a 5-month-old baby belonging to an American couple was accidentally left on the luggage conveyor belt. The accident occurred in the early hours of Thursday 19th September.

The couple – A Canadian man and an American woman – had flown in from the USA via Heathrow, accompanied by two children. The parents had gone to a special-luggage conveyor belt for pushchairs, sports equipment and musical instruments, etc, to collect their pushchair.

When the baby was placed on the apparatus, it appears that a detector sensed the baby’s weight and activated the device. The parents were unable to get to the baby in time before it was carried away to the drop portal, where all of the bags merge. He became entangled and trapped.

Medical staff at the airport were unable to revive the baby.

(News: Spain)

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