Strange Marine Carcass

There some weird things swimming about in the sea, and once in a while, somethings gets washed up to prove it.

A bather on the Playa Luis Siret of Villaricos (Almería) came across a 4-metre long, decaying creature, that has the form of a snake with two large horns. But it was neither a snake, nor were the two horn-like protrusions horns, but exposed bone structure.

Well the bather posted a few photographs of the dead beastie on her facebook account and shortly afterwards it hit the national press… and the Seaside Gazette has a briny editor, after all, so we’re running with it, as well.

Seprona belonging to the Guardia Civil was called out, as well as Promar (Programa en Defensa de la Fauna Marina) but the carcass was in such an advanced state of deterioration that nobody had a clue what it was – “was” being the operative.

Paco Toledano from Promar pointed out that they might be able to get a clue from the skeleton but the only sure way was a DNA test, but that was too expensive and so out of the question.

The carcass was carried away before 24 hours was up and it was unceremoniously buried.

Yes, Sir, that was one sushi dish that was best not included on a menu.

(News: Cuevas de Almanzora, Almeria, Andalucia)

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