Tourist Information Office Closed During August

Provincial PSOE Spokesman, Francisco Conejo, has heavily criticised the area tourist-information office in Nerja which is closed for August.

The Costa del Sol (Axarquia) information point, which is run by the Costa del Sol Tourism Board, closed its door for its summer holiday, right in the middle of the summer tourist season… a bit like Santa’s elves taking Christmas off, some might consider.

“This office was inaugurated with great ceremony by the Chairman, Elías Bendodo in April 2012, to coincide with the Día de la Provincia and 16 months later nobody knows what its opening times are, what it actually does and who is employed in it,” said Francisco Conejo.

He went on to explain that when the office was opened, it was to have two workers from the Tourist Board with an online promotion system and a ‘contact centre.’ Furthermore, he said, at the inauguration ceremony, it was stated that it would act as a meeting place for business owners and professionals from the sector with the objective of promoting the tourist trade in the Axarquia.

However, he claims, 16 months later, the office, which is the main office for visitors to the Axarquia; an area that has some 7,000 hotel beds and an average of 170,000 visitors, the PP-run provincial tourist board does not even contemplate opening its doors even for a few hours during August.

He also pointed out that right in front of this office is the Municipal Tourist Office, which in his opinion highlights the unnecessary doubling up of resources.

The following day, after this criticism, El Patronato de Turismo Málaga-Costa del Sol said that its office in Nerja would continue to “lend service” to the public. The statement, however, didn’t say when.

(News: Nerja, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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