Benny Strikes – Coalition Shattered?

What we have witnessed in the last month or so is a demonstration of ‘party over members;’ i.e., what is considered for the good of the party, trumps the will of its members.

The announcement by CA and PA leaders that they were to merge the two parties received vociferous negatives from grass-roots party members in Almuñécar, Salobreña and Motril, but even so, the deal went ahead.

The first result of the official signing was the announcement by the new PA that the governing pact between the Almuñécar PA and PP was over, which surprised nobody.

Undoubtedly, the merger has created a more effective Andalusian political party, which has no doubt been the deciding factor for the CA and PA leaders, but the decision will long resonate.

At the very signing of the pact, Juan Carlos Benavides, announced that in the case of Almuñécar, where his CA party obtained the majority of votes, that “logically the municipal legislative period would continue with his party being in the opposition and for the citizens of Almuñécar to decide for themselves in the next local elections.” He also confirmed that he would be a candidate for Mayor in the next elections in 2015.

As for the two PA Councillors that form part of the present governing coalition, the combined headquarters of the CA/PA has instructed them to “abandon the arrangement immediately.”

The response of the Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, was immediate. She accused Benavides’s manoeuvre as “desperate” further qualifying it as just a continuation of the political trajectory of the ex-Mayor as a “null and void ideology.” The PP claims that Juan Carlos Benavides has changed party six or seven times, each time leaving his host party in a shambles – the PSPA, for example, no longer exists.

The PP heavily criticises the PA provincial leaders for taking back a politicians who they had previously thrown out for his attitude.

“Everything that this man touches he destroys,” the PP press release concludes.

The coming Plenary Meeting of the Town Council will be interesting because the PP will put forward the motion that all former CA councillors should move over into the independent sector as they no longer represent the party that they ran for when they won their seats.

What will happen next is anyone’s guess. Benavides has made his move, so now it is the turn of the two original PA councillors that formed the alliance with the PP to form a stable local council…

Nobody knows how to run the Almuñécar Town Hall better than Benny – he’s practically run it for 30 years. No other Almuñécar politician has the capacity and recall that Benny has for political affairs – without a doubt, he runs rings around anybody that other parties can throw at him… but does that make him the best candidate for Mayor? – it’s your call, come the 2015 local elections.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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