High-Tech Peeping Tom

Sunday, August 11, 2013
By Paula Anthony

A peeping tom (voyeur) was arrested in Benalmádena for spying on women on a nudist beach using sunglasses fitted with a camera.

With the invention of mobile-phone, camera and video-recording devices, encroachment on personal privacy is increasing dramatically, so this latest gadget is just another nail in its coffin.

The arrest took place on the first Friday of this month on Benalnatura, which is a nudist beach, thanks to tip-off calls received by the Policía Local. He had raised suspicion amongst fellow beach users because apart from his sunglasses having a strange appearance, he wouldn’t stop fiddling with them and pointing them at nearby sunbathers.

A patrol was sent to the beach and spoke with the person who had called them. As soon as the police showed up, other bathers came over to point out their suspicions concerning the man, too. Then the police went over to the suspect and asked him point blank if he had been spying on female beach users and the man admitted there and then that he had been filming them.

The sunglasses had false lenses with a mini lens set in the centre of the frames. The 48-year-old man explained that he was on holiday in Benalmádena and was a guest at a B&B.

Apart from his Joe-90 glasses, he also had a beach bag containing a video recorder, several photos, a 30-GB pen drive and half a dozen memory cards. Upon examining the data-storage devices they found plenty of images of nude women sunbathers on the Caños de Meca nudist beach, too.

This gentleman was the second peeping tom to be arrested on Benalnatura because at the end of July a Chinese man, caught in the act at taking photographs of women and minors – he had over 2,000 digital images on him.

(News: Benalmádena, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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