Strange Teenage Survival Course

A woman in Zubia, Granada, was taken aback when four teenagers between 13 and 15 turned up one evening asking to be allowed to sleep in her house in exchange for doing chores.

A group of Catalan teens were on a summer camp in Zubia, organized by Esplai Ara Mateix de San Juste de Jusvert from Barcelona. One of the activities was a survival training exercise where they were literally told “buscarse la vida,” (get by however you can), claimed one of the children.

All told, 16 youths were trying to do the same around the town, knocking on doors, in order to find somewhere to sleep..

The woman was so taken aback that she phoned the local police and by 21.00h that same Monday evening another twelve youths had been tracked down.

The next morning the police went around to the campsite where the youths should have been staying. To say that the monitors were nervous is an understatement, realising that the instructions given could have ended tragically.

“Their parents have taken the news in several ways after hearing what had happened; some of them understood the point of the exercise, others didn’t. Nobody has reported us. When we get back to Barcelona, we shall explain to them what happened,” said one of the female monitors.

“This is a summer activity – we don’t do it in the winter – in which we give the kids instructions in what part of town to look for accommodation, and that’s it. That same evening we had all the kids located and they all turned up at the agreed time and at the agreed place, except the four who were returned by the police,” the monitor explained.

Curiously, twelve of them had slept in the houses of locals and only the four that approached the woman who phoned the police ended up sleeping at the campsite.

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)