Parishioner Power

A group of ladies at a church managed tackle a thief who had ridden down the aisle on a bicycle, armed with a pistol – you couldn’t make this up even if you wanted to… or could you?

So there was this church in Sangonera la Verde in Murcia, half way through a service with the priest mumbling through a badly balanced PA system – aren’t they all – when the Lone Ranger appears, peddling down the aisle, brandishing a pistol, with the firm intent of holding up the church.

Whilst some of the ladies went into shrieking mode and the priest no doubt took cover behind the pulpit, a determined group of battle-hardened, church-going, ladies decided to tackle and disarm the intruder and then triumphantly hid the gun from him.

Admittedly, the man was visibly drunk and his progress on the bicycle was optimistic at best, but that did not stop him from clambering up into the pulpit and demanding that the ladies return his pistol.

Emboldened by their hitherto success, one of the ladies sprang onto him and wrestled him to the floor and then they all sat on him until the Guardia Civil arrived, together with an ambulance, whose crew administered ‘psychiatric medication’ to the hysterical would-be thief.

The Lord moves in mysterious ways…

Editorial Comment
: OK we have used a touch of poetic licence here, but the man did enter into the church with a bicycle and he was disarmed by one of the ladies present

(News: Sangonera, Murcia, Spain)