Blue Zone Rift

The Salobreña blue-zone system won’t be coming into being until the 1st of August, but even so, it has attracted criticism from the opposition party, IU.

The IU Councillor, Sr. Coello, stated that the amount gain for the public coffers was inconsiderable compared to the negative aspects of the scheme and that it would be the private company that will run the system that will stand to make the most.

The Councillor for the Economy and Citizen Safety, Mª Carmen Callejón, defended the scheme, pointing out that that a consensus was sought beforehand with affected businesses and that not only would the system not cost a penny for the town, but that it would also bring in revenue.

According to Councillor Callejón, the IU spokesman continues to “confuse locals” by claiming that beachfront residents would end up paying for the system. She says that there is free parking available down the side streets and on the parallel avenue to the beach, running behind the first line of apartment blocks. She also says that the majority of first-line residents have garages and that all of them would have cheap passes if they do use the blue-zone parking.

“These measures do not mean that people who live on the seafront area will end up paying more than those from the other parts of the town; only people who come to use the beaches will be paying.”

She went on to explain that the money gained by the Town Hall would be used to improve the image of the town and the quality of its beaches.

As for the IU’s alternative scheme; i.e., turning the paseo into a pedestrian-only area in exchange for turning part of the vega between the rock and La Caleta into parking areas, she considered it a “barbarity.”

Editorial note: All of the town councils in the coastal towns that have implemented blue zoning, started off with ‘good intentions,’ but the income soon becomes a ‘necessity’ and is used to fill financial holes elsewhere in municipal budgets, whilst all the while, turning visitors away because of the increased access and parking measures.