Motril and Domestic Violence

Between Thursday the 21st and Monday the 25th of February, the Motril police received three phone calls related to domestic violence. In one of the cases, there was even a court-order involved.

The Councillor for Citizen Safetey at the Motril Town Hall, Manuel Ballesteros, explained how the first incident occurred in broad daylight on the street; on Rambla de Capuchinos, to be precise. A young woman of 22 was out walking with her sister when she was allegedly attacked by her Ex, causing only minor physical injuries but also an acute case of anxiety, according to the hospital report.

The arrested man even threatened the two women in the presence of the police officers, threatening, “You slut, I’ll catch up with you and kill you.”

The second incident also happened on the street, but this time in Camino de las Ventillas. The police control room received a frantic call explaining that a man had force a woman to get into a parked van. However, once the police tracked the van down, the occupants, including the supposed victim, denied that anything untoward had occurred. Nevertheless, two witness who had been out walking confirmed that they had seen what had happened and that it had been them who had phoned the police. They explained how the man had kicked the woman three times and repeatedly insulted her.

The last incident also came to the police’s attention via an emergency call the the Police Control Room. The caller explained how he had heard shouting and cries for help coming from a woman who was literally being dragged along the ground by her hair.

All three incidents resulted in arrests.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)