Alzheimer’s Sufferer Found

The Guardia Civil rescued an 83-year of man suffering from Alzheimer’s from the bottom of a barranco after he had become disorientated and lost.

The man had left his home in his car at noon and set off for Rio Seco Alto. Almuñécar, but when he failed to return, his wife fearing the worst contacted the Guardia Civil at three in the afternoon on Monday the 25th of February.

By five in the afternoon the Guardia Civil had located his car, which had the door open and the keys in the ignition, but the owner was nowhere to be seen – this was in the Rio Seco area.

The police decided to search the barranco (gully) below and an hour later, around six, and knowing that there was only an hour of daylight left, they heard a voice calling.

They found him lying on the ground, unable to move. He was taken rapidly to the Almuñécar medical centre and from there to Motril’s Santa Ana Hospital, where it was found that he had no physical injuries.

He explained that he had suddenly become disorientated, not knowing where he was nor how to return home. He is now back with his wife, so the tale ends well.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)